PES 2020 guide new features and changes

In the gaming industry if we talk about soccer, then we know the PES is without any doubt is the best game. After so many years Konami is still at the peak point in the soccer games category. PES 2020 right now is the best game in the market after all, new update is better than previous versions, and new features. PES 2020 does not put fancy sounds or graphics instead of real focus in on graphics and actual quality of songs. If you are willing to play this game, you can use PES hack 2020 to achieve success in less time.

New leagues

Before launching the game, Konami announced their partnership they made for this version. In long-term partnership, they are tie-up with the following teams –

Juventus FC
Bayern FC
Barcelona FC
Manchester United
Including with these teams, new players are also added in the gameplay.

New key players

Several players in the football field don’t need any sponsorship and partnership to be famous, and players like them PES 2020 willing to make partnership with them for being ambassador, cover art and many more.

Lionel Messi is the legend of football, and in PES 2020 he is promoting with his image and becomes the first brand ambassador from Barcelona FC after him Serge Gnabry is a big image from Bayern FC many key players are available. Unlock their full strength with PES hack 2020 and a new stadium at early levels.

Graphics and visuals

Each year PES franchise focus on animation of creating ball, player, weather, stadium more realistic. PES has the best animation better than any other football game. PES 2020 has the best gameplay and visual graphics, and it is a big part in making this game number one.